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coexistence n : existing peacefully together

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co- + existence


  1. the state of two or more things existing together, usually in a temporal or spacial sense, with or without mutual interaction




fr-noun f

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Eisenhower Doctrine, Monroe Doctrine, Nixon Doctrine, Truman Doctrine, accompaniment, agreement, appeasement, balance of power, brinkmanship, coetaneity, coetaneousness, coevalneity, coevalness, coincidence, colonialism, compromise, concomitance, concurrence, containment, contemporaneity, contemporaneousness, detente, deterrence, diplomacy, diplomatic, diplomatics, dollar diplomacy, dollar imperialism, expansionism, foreign affairs, foreign policy, good-neighbor policy, imperialism, internationalism, isochronism, isolationism, manifest destiny, militarism, nationalism, neocolonialism, neutralism, nonresistance, open door, open-door policy, peace offensive, peaceful coexistence, preparedness, shirt-sleeve diplomacy, shuttle diplomacy, simultaneity, spheres of influence, synchronism, synchronization, the big stick, tough policy, unison, world politics
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